Phase 1: Partnership Intervention with Children-Nepal

In March 2016, DIB visited Children-Nepal to plant the seeds for a future cooperation and to prepare an application for a smaller partnership project. Fortunately, it was well received and in June we received a grant for the project from the CISU Civil Society Fund with a partnership intervention. The project ran from August 2016 until the end of January 2017 and was managed by our Nepal Group who was in charge of all cooperation and contact with the local NGO, Children-Nepal.

As the project was a partnership intervention, there was a particular focus on strengthening the cooperation between our two organizations, which would facilitate our long-term goal of reducing poverty among the poor and marginalized families in Nepal’s rural areas. Our approach to the project was to strengthen the capacity of these families to create more sustainable living conditions and local development. This gave the effort three specific objectives: 1) To strengthen the partnership between Children-Nepal and DIB. 2) To increase Children-Nepal's capacity to work with sustainable living conditions and local development in the rural areas of Nepal. 3) To increase our shared knowledge of the community in selected areas to and thus be better equipped to handle future projects in the area. We do this by researching, communicating with the locals and creating a better understanding of the local context and the conditions under which the population lives.

In October, two representatives from our Nepal group visited Children-Nepal in Pokhara for the purpose of hosting workshops on sustainable development and living conditions and to talk about the monitoring tools we use in the project.

To round up the project, DIB visited our partners in February and March in 2017. We wanted to complete the project, gather all the data and knowledge that Children-Nepal had gathered from project partner cities during the partnership activity and identify the next phase of the cooperation.

Phase 2: New Project Approved

During the last partner visit a new application to CISU was made with the objective to, in collaboration with the local, launch local sustainable initiatives in energy and water supply, environmental education and organic food production that can improve living conditions for the poorest in areas.

In November, the application was approved by CISU and the intervention “Enhancing rural livelihoods in Nepal” was initiated in the beginning of 2018 and will according to plan run for three years.