INFORSE søger hjælp til udregning af CO2-reduktions potentialet for Økolandsby løsninger i Sydasien

Assistance position on calculating climate mitigation effects of Eco-Village Development

A group of NGOs within International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE) are working on local solutions for energy access and development as climate solutions in South Asia. We have identified a number of solutions that are now used in many villages and that we promote as eco-village development (EVD) solutions. Many of the solutions have climate mitigation effects as they have lower greenhouse gas emissions than the main alternatives. This includes improved cookstoves, biogas, PV power, micro-hydro power, solar drying, organic farming, and other small-scale solutions. We need, however, to document the greenhouse gas effects of the solutions, to be able to promote them as climate mitigation solutions.
For this documentation, and generally for assisting with the project on the local EVD solutions, we are looking for an assistance, trainee or similar. You will work with the project responsible in Aarhus, Denmark, as well as in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The position is located in Aarhus at INFORSE secretariat while the contact with the partners in South Asia will be via email and skype. No travel is foreseen. We have already collected some literature for the documentation, and have started to organise the information. We are looking for a person responsible for reviewing the information, do additional searches from available academic databases and CDM projects, and carrying out the study/analysis of the EVD solutions mitigation potential in cooperation with the project team. We do not expect the generation of primary data for the calculations. The existing EVD team will also be involved in the work, so the person will be part of a team with for instance weekly meetings.
We expect a person that is able to deal with studies of climate effects, can summarise reports and do simpler calculations of greenhouse effects to harmonise the information that can be expected to be available on very different forms. Working language is English.
We expect that the work is 4 – 6 weeks full time work, for instance as a part of a job training.
We are interested in starting the work as soon as possible and we aim at finalising the work in March or April, so if interested please send your CV and a brief application to Gunnar Boye Olesen at
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INFORSE søger hjælp til udregning af CO2-reduktions potentialet for Økolandsby løsninger i Sydasien